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Dealing With Debt During Divorce

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In this episode, Brian L. Hoffman, a New Jersey attorney, and Donna A. Ranieri, a mortgage lending officer, discuss the issues that come up when a couple is dealing with debt during a divorce.

Our guests discussing Dealing With Debt During Divorce are

Brian L. Hoffman, Esq

Brian HoffmanI’ve been a partner at Hoffman & Hoffman since 2000, and our practice focuses on family law, bankruptcy and debt issues and estate planning and settlement.  Many divorce cases involve complex financial issues, such as the unwinding of joint debt and financial and estate planning and I am very experienced in handling those types of matters.  Although the firm is well known for its litigation practice, I’ve always approached family law cases differently than commercial and business disputes.  How the parties divorce can greatly impact on the final outcome and the effects on the family can be felt for many years.  Divorce through the collaborative law process allows for the parties to maintain control over their lives while still protecting their interests and the interests of their children.



Donna A. Ranieri

Donna RanieriHome Mortgage Consultant with over 35 years experience in banking, Advisor at Jersey Shore Collaborative Law Group & Mid-Jersey Collaborative Law Alliance, Empire’s Who’s Who of Professional Female Executives 2004-2007, Member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP), Member of Collaborative Divorce Professionals.


  • The types of Debt that effect clients during divorce
  • Focus on third party lenders- Mortgage, Car Loan, Student Loans, Credit Card debt
  • The process of obtaining a mortgage when there is Alimony and Child Support income involved
  • The time pressure of Litigation versus Collaboration
  • The transparency of Collaborative to be creative to achieve goals

and more.

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Brian L. Hoffman, Esq

Address: 99 Highway 35,Keyport, NJ 07735
Phone: 732.264.1956
Email: brian@hoffman-hoffman.net
Website: http://www.hoffman-hoffman.net/


Donna A. Ranieri

Address: 303 Broad Street 2nd Fl., Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone: 732-547-3736
Email: Donna.Ranieri@wellsfargo.com
Website: https://www.wfhm.com/loans/donna-ranieri/index

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